Keep Your Bedroom Cool For Better Sleep

A hot bedroom is not conducive to restful sleep. While the easy answer is to turn up the air conditioning, sometimes that’s not enough or it might not be an […]

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A hot bedroom is not conducive to restful sleep. While the easy answer is to turn up the air conditioning, sometimes that’s not enough or it might not be an option. In that case, we’ve got a few ideas for you to help cool things down for better sleep.

Manage Heat and Light During the Day

Heat and light go hand-in-hand. If you start managing them first thing in the morning, you can help keep temperatures down in the bedroom at night. As much as you might love sheer curtains, you’re going to want a double layer of protection from the hot sun like blackout curtains, heavy drapes, or blinds. It’s easier to keep the temperature down that it is to cool it off later.

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Open the Windows and Doors

Open windows only work if the temperatures cool down at night, which sometimes they don’t. However, even if it’s still hot out, a breeze can move stale air out of the bedroom and create enough of a draught to cool you off. Improved air quality has also been shown to increase sleep quality and next-day performance.

Invest In and Use a Ceiling Fan

If you don’t already have a ceiling fan, it’s an investment worth making. Ceiling fans cost far less to run than an air conditioner and can create a cooling breeze directly over your bed. You can also run the blades in two directions, both of which can help the airflow in your bedroom. In one direction the blades blow air down, helping to evaporate moisture on your skin and cool you down. Reverse the direction and the fan pulls air up from the ground. If it’s cooler outside than inside, the ceiling fan will also pull air in from outside.

Buy a Cool Mattress and Bedding

Your mattress and bedding can either help or hinder your ability to sleep in warm temperatures. Some foam mattresses trap heat and moisture against your body, leaving you in a sweaty mess. Innerspring and hybrid models tend to have better breathability. However, if you love the comfort of foam, Purple specifically designs foam mattresses with impressive breathability that are fairly temperature neutral.

Beyond the mattress, your bedding can make a big difference too. Natural fabrics like cotton and linen have a looser weave that increases breathability. They keep you cooler and get softer and more comfortable with each washing.

Ice and a Table Fan

If you still find yourself sweating it out at midnight, a solution may lie with a bowl of ice water and a table fan. Place the bowl of ice water on your nightstand with the fan directly behind it. The air blown by the fan will be cooled as it travels over the ice water, cooling you down in the process. It’s like a natural air conditioner.

Prep Cooling Aids

Keep a cup of ice water on your nightstand and a tub of water by your bed. A sip of water and a chance to cool your feet might be what you need to make it through another hot night. As a last-ditch effort to stay cool, you can put your sheets in an airtight bag and freeze them several hours before you get in bed. You just have to be willing to make the bed every night, but frozen sheets feeling amazingly good on a hot night.

Staying cool is important for your sleep quality. As long as you think ahead, you should be able to handle the heat and get the rest you need.


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