Complete Bath Remodel for under $1,800

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Updating a bathroom is one of the best investments you can make in your home – whether you’re staying in it or selling it. This DIY couple was able to completely revamp their outdated bathroom for less than $1,800!

Best DIY Bang for Your Buck

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Remember that DIY doesn’t mean you don’t need permits. Be sure to check with your city to determine which permits you need.

Quick and Budget Friendly DIY Fixes

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How to Paint Like a Pro

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If you can’t view the videos – try opening the page in Internet Explorer

What she doesn’t talk about here is how to avoid paint “bleed” under the tape. With the textured walls and ceilings many of us have here in Florida, it’s difficult to get the tape tight enough (well, it is for me, anyway).

After you put tape along the edges – go over the tape and an inch of the wall with the color of the neighboring surface (i.e. ceiling white next to the ceiling, wall color of the touching wall, etc.)

By going over the tape, the ceiling color will bleed under the tape and form a seal – then, when you go over the wall with the new color, it won’t bleed under.

Happy Painting!!


The 4 Potentially Most Expensive Words in Remodeling

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Free Backsplash Guide from BHG

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Thinking of updating your kitchen? A new backsplash can restore a tired kitchen, or be the finishing touch to an entire kitchen remodel.

Better Homes and Gardens is offering a free guide to help you with the daunting task of figuring out which backsplash to choose.

You can get it free here: