Meet Our Mascot

If you live on Paradise Island in Treasure Island – you’re likely to see us walking “Joey” several times a day. We also take her with us frequently when we go to dog-friendly restaurants when it’s not too hot out. She’s extremely friendly, great with kids and loves attention.

Joey is an 8-year-old Champagne Labrador Retriever. A Champagne Lab is basically a Yellow Lab with a dilute silver gene that gives them an iridescent coat that’s hard to capture in photos. In person, it’s definitely noticeable! People are always asking us how often we bathe her because her coat shines – especially in the sun.

She got her name as a puppy because she rarely kept all four paws on the floor – she was always jumping in the air like a baby kangaroo (a “joey”).

She still jumps today when she’s excited…just ask her if she wants to go for a ride and she’ll jump in the air as high as your chin.

Since she’s such a huge part of our lives, we decided to make her the official mascot for our real estate business.

If you see us out with Joey – be sure to say “hi” and pet her velvety-soft coat (especially her ears!).